We are consciously committed to establish the “highest quality” at each phase of our operations from farm to yarn. We monitor the complete journey of our sustainable cotton within our value and supply chains. No matter how complex and complicated the journey could be, we acquire complete information for each and every phase, validating the ID of our products fully and completely.

HVI “Single Baling” System

Our cotton is delicately picked from field, classified according to its quality and combined in one single bale. We standardize the quality of our bales in an impeccable way; testing samples from each and every bale in our HVI laboratories with cutting-edge technology. Following the high technology testing and full-scale measurements, we acquire a barcode/label and a serial number, which indicates the quality of our cotton, the place of manufacture, the season and the year of manufacture, fiber value, endurance, the ginnery it is processed and the weight of the bale. We place these thorough labels both on our samples and bales. We define the ID of our cotton with utmost care, considering each and every detail, forming our inventory. We stock and store all our products in accordance with our highest quality standards. We enable our buyers to reach a thorough identification of our cotton through a single serial number, with ease and confidence.

We stay fully and passionately committed to work and operate with the highest quality standards, at each stage of our supply chain from farm to yarn.